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DirecTV is a satellite television service. It offers a huge selection of programming including local channels, great sports packages and movie channels. All are broadcast in crisp true digital quality. Over 125 of your favorite channels are included so you can get the best entertainment value around. You can't go wrong with DirecTV service. If you ever move, you can take the DirecTV receiver wherever you go! Plus you will experience unsurpassed customer service.

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Are you tired of your cable tv? Not getting the best programming for your money? Your reception isn't as clear as the cable company promised? Not getting enough sports and movie coverage? Consider switching from your cable company to DirecTV. DirecTV is a great alternative to cable and offers hundreds of digital quality channels of entertainment.


DirecTV Receivers are the gateway to great entertainment. DirecTV offers a nice selection of receivers available under popular manufacturer names.

There is a huge variety in the programming that you can get with DirecTV. There are several movie channels to choose from including HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, Pay per View and others. DirecTV sports packages are perfect for every sports enthusiast. You can choose from packages including NFL Sunday Ticket (Only from DirecTV), NBA League Pass, Mega March Madness, ESPN FUll Court, Barclays English Premier League.

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